Goldblatt Tile Tools

You don’t compromise on grout lines, and we don’t compromise on our Goldblatt tile tools. Because tiling requires patience, precision, and skill – as well as high-quality tools that can be trusted to get the job done right. Whether you’re working on a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom remodel, our collection of tile tools will help you do work that both you and your clients will be proud of.

Grout Floats

Goldblatt high-quality tile grout floats feature nonstick gum rubber, rounded or square corners, and large ergonomic handles to ensure a smooth grout application when working on any tile job, anywhere.

Pro Notch Trowels

All our professional-grade tile notch trowels are made with durable materials, including hardened and tempered stainless steel blades in a variety of notch sizes and handle types, so you can count on them to provide years of service.


Our handheld tile and grout saws feature high-quality materials, like tungsten carbide diamond-coated blades, and soft-grip handles for comfort. They’re sure to help save you time on your next project.


Quickly and easily prep almost any wall for tiling with high-quality Goldblatt tile scrapers, featuring cast-iron heads and heavy-gauge steel shafts to give you consistent and reliable performance.


Reach for Goldblatt tile spacers and know your tiles will be evenly spaced. Offerings include our versatile two-in-one pro tile spacers and our color-coded horseshoe tile spacers, as well as a wide variety of hard plastic tile spacers.


Goldblatt tile sponges are made with premium materials that feature unique water-holding properties to help you scrub away grout and clean up after any tile job.

Tile Nippers

No matter what kind of tile you’re working with, rely on our professional tile nippers to cut it. Our pro compound tile nippers deliver twice the power of conventional nippers, and all our nippers come with ergonomic, anti-slip, soft-grip handles.


Make any tile job easier with Goldblatt tile accessories, including our professional tile and grout brush, lightweight contour gauge, high-strength grout bag, water-resistant china markers, and more.