The Goldblatt Story of Quality and Innovation Begins Here

Henry Goldblatt was born in Russia in 1855. He dreamed of creating a successful business, and his entrepreneurial spirit brought him to America. At age 30, he founded the H. Goldblatt Tool Company in the booming frontier town of Kansas City, Missouri. Henry decided to start a tool catalog to promote his business and get his name out there. It worked. By the 1920s, Goldblatt was a leading manufacturer and distributor of tools from the eastern shores of the United States all the way to the mountains of the west.

Part of what made Henry Goldblatt successful was his desire to work with tradespeople to understand their needs and the challenges they faced on the job. He used this knowledge to create high-quality products that made work easier for them at fair and honest prices. We’re carrying on his legacy by committing to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction each and every day we go to work.

Today, in more than 100 countries worldwide, Goldblatt provides high-quality tools and products for concrete, masonry, tile, drywall, and paintwork. We firmly believe that tradespeople deserve the best tools for building, and that these tools should be fairly and affordably priced. If at any point a Goldblatt tool doesn’t meet a customer’s expectations, our Goldblatt Guarantee means we’ll offer a replacement or a refund – no questions asked.

Henry would be proud of how we’ve stuck to our roots, and how far we’ve come.