Goldblatt Masonry Tools

It takes a skilled hand to master mortar. And masonry professionals have long trusted Goldblatt tools to help them do their best work. As the maker of America’s first trowel, Goldblatt tools have played a part in the construction of our country for decades. Whether you’re building a beautiful facade or laying a brick pathway, reach for our masonry tools and get the job done right.

Professional Brick Trowels

Our premium selection of masonry trowels, including London trowels, Philadelphia trowels, margin trowels, and pointing trowels, is crafted with the highest quality materials to help you expertly lay and set every brick with ease.

Welded Masonry Trowels

Goldblatt welded masonry trowels provide durable, high-quality performance at a more affordable price point. Choose between our popular London and Philadelphia trowels, as well as specialty trowels like gauging trowels and bucket trowels.


Don’t start your next job before checking out our aluminum hawk, brick hammer, grout bag, mason line, rub bricks, and all our other masonry accessory tools that have been specially designed to help you save time and effort.