Goldblatt Drywall Tools

Drywall experts demand perfect joints, every time. And by using Goldblatt tools, it's easier to impress your customers with a great-looking job. Our wide range of high-quality drywall tools will help you create smoother walls and get your work done more efficiently. Browse through our products today and find everything you need for your next drywall project.


Whether you’re using wet tape or dry tape, the original Goldblatt banjo lets you get the job done faster by applying joint compound and tape at the same time. The chamber holds up to 500 ft. of drywall tape and enough compound to tape 40 ft.

Joint and Putty Knives

Achieve perfect feathering and finishing, as well as superior paint and putty scraping, with versatile Goldblatt drywall joint and putty knives. Available in various sizes with soft-grip or nylon handles, with or without hammer ends.

Mud Pans

When you need a heavy-duty mud pan, nothing but metal construction will do. All Goldblatt drywall mud pans are made with heavy-gauge stainless steel for lasting durability and sheared sides to make cleaning your drywall knives easier.


Goldblatt drywall sanders are designed to save you time and money on your next job. Our professional line of sanders includes features like hook-and-loop sanding discs and quick-release sandpaper clamps for fast and easy changeouts.

Taping Knives

Our blue steel and stainless steel drywall taping knives feature tapered blades that allow you to run corners faster. Comfortable soft-grip handles and a well-balanced design ensure they’ll feel perfect in your hands.

Trowels and Corner Tools

Create perfect inside and outside corners and joints every time with our high-quality drywall trowels and corner tools, which are made with steel blades to stand the test of time and deliver consistent performance.


Discover high-quality Goldblatt drywall accessories to round out your tool kit, including our circle cutter, tape holder, clincher, knockdown knife, jab saw, texture brushes, repair patches, and more.